March 25, 2012

Book Review: The Cavansite Conspiracy by Manjiri Prabhu

The book review of 'The Cavansite Conspiracy' is already up in my book and author blog (

Title: The Cavansite Conspiracy
Author: Manjiri Prabhu
Pages: 261
Price: Rs. 195
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Excerpt from my review:

Being fond of making guesses each time I read a thriller, I made guesses here too, but except two characters, I couldn’t find the ‘real faces’ until I read the whole story.  There were several surprising twists in the novel and the end was very unpredictable. The story, narrated in simple language and with a good flow, keeps the reader guessing until the end of the story. The romance too didn’t have unnecessary ‘masalas’. The romance in between the suspense kept the story exciting. The fast-paced story takes place within 48 hours and yet, Manjiri has done justice to the storyline and the characters.

A very well-written story, ‘The Cavansite Conspiracy’ will remain in my bookshelf forever and will return to read the story again and again, for entertainment and motivation (if ever I’m to write a thriller!!!) .

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