October 4, 2013

Freelance Writing Workshop in Kochi

Pitch, Sell and Write for Publications, in India and Abroad

Do you dream of a writing career, working from the comfort of your home and seeing your name in publications across the world? Do you dream of working only for a few hours and still earning three-four dollar figures a month? Are you a student or a full-time professional who wants to work part-time, out of passion or because you would like to earn extra income? Are you a mom or a retired person, who wants to work from home, balancing your home and family life or perhaps, because of health reasons?  Above all, do you like to be independent and be on your own boss and enjoy the freedom in professional life?

Introducing, ‘Pitch, Sell and Write for Publications, in India and Abroad,’ a one-day workshop for aspiring freelance writers or for the experienced writers, who want to expand their freelance opportunity. The workshop will cover finding ideas, writing effective queries, researching and finding markets, existing opportunities for a freelance writer and marketing your work. These tips will you teach you to pitch to magazines, newspapers, websites, portals and anthologies.

The one-day workshop will also include idea generation and query writing sessions.

(Note: The writing workshop doesn’t teach you ‘writing skills,’ but how to pitch, find markets, and sell your work.)

Eligibility: Anyone, who has the ability to write. (Housewives, Students, Professionals, Bloggers, Retired Personnel and others)

Date: November 2, 2013
Venue: Petro House, Kundanoor , Kochi

For further information including fees and queries, email kochi.writersworkshop@gmail.com.

About Resmi Jaimon

Resmi Jaimon has over 10 years of experience writing for Indian and foreign publications. Her works have appeared in over 100 publications, including The Hindu, Discover India, Jetwings, Composite Manufacturing, RealtyPlus, Food & Beverages, Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series, i.t, Rediff, Femina.in and others. 

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