January 13, 2010

Seven Years of Freelance Writing

I remember this day (January 13th) every year - it was on this day, seven years back - in 2003, my first article was published in The Hindu's Metro Plus (Thiruvananthapuram edition) as the main story. Since then, I have written for 66 publications and will touch 67th mark in February 2010.

In 2009, I devoted more time for my other interests. In writing, the long-awaited Chicken Soup for the Indian Teenage Soul was published. The anthology has one of my stories - "Grade's Don't Define You." I also sold another personal story to Chicken Soup for the Indian Woman's Soul. I worked on multiple corporate and web content writing projects apart from my regular writing assignments. And more than before, I rejected several of the offered assignments either because they wanted to work for very low rates or the topics weren't of interest to me.

For now, I am trying to win assignments from a couple of national publications. And hope I can find time to fulfill my much-cherished dream of becoming an ebook author.

Note: Check out http://indian-chronicle.blogspot.com. This week, I have posted an interview, personal essay and pictures of Indian Science Congress Expo and Kerala Gramam, held at Thiruvananthapuram during Jan 3-7, 2010.


yasho said...

That's something to be proud of Resmi, Keep at it :)


Anonymous said...

I have gone through the articles some are inspiring some usual stuff, the photos of Science conference are good.

But I have one question as a freelancer rather than fame or recognition is there any monetary benefits?

Why dont you write a pulp fiction instead, and earn a few bucks

Resmi Jaimon said...

Thanks, Suneetha Chechi.

Resmi Jaimon said...

Freelancers can achieve fame and monetary benefits, depending on whom they write for, the topics they cover etc. So far, not much interested in fiction. I have written a couple of short stories - for my own reading, that's all. Money is not the only part when you write, you have to feel satisfied and happy too. And I enjoy writing non-fiction and occasional interviews.

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