February 13, 2012

Book Review: Chicken Soup for The Indian Soul – Teens Talk Growing Up

Title: Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul - Teens Talk Growing Up
Author  :Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Aarti Katoch Pathak
Publisher: Westland Ltd.
Price : Rs.195

Chicken Soup for the Soul – has always been very close to my heart since I started writing during early 2000’s. I always dreamt to be published in the book and I was successfully able to sell stories to the Indian series of the book for 8 or 9 titles. Each titles brings smile to my lips and I wait eagerly to read the stories.
And here’s the latest – Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Teens Talk Growing Up!
Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Teens Talk Growing Up, is a perfect combination of 101 stories, and as the title says ‘inspiring stories about meeting challenges and learning from life.’  
There are times you find a friend in the most unexpected person, or someone you hated so far. Teenage is a time of confusion or lack of self-confidence. However, with proper support,  teens can go a long way in finding their vision and working towards it. Moreover, there are times when you think you fare better than the other and you can’t tolerate someone outgrowing your performance, be it in academics, sports and other creative pursuits.
Teen years result in never-ending stories and everyone – be it a commoner or a celebrity has a tale to recite about the joys and sorrows of teenage.
The book will also be of interest to parents of teenagers, who are now going through the tough time of being a teenager’s dad/mom. The book will definitely give hope and relaxation to teenagers and parents alike, to know they are not alone in this world at this most difficult and testing time of one’s life. And most importantly, you needn’t be a teenager or parent alone to read such heart-warming stories – Chicken Soup for the Soul series is a book for anyone. So, is Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Teens Talk Growing Up.
Like all the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the 101 stories in the book follows the same format and style (very simple to read) and the stories have an Indian touch, that any Indian teenager can relate in his/her real life or heard and seen in a friend’s life. An interesting read, if you are looking to refresh yourself and reminisce your good old days of teenage or as a self-help book for the present teenagers. Teenagers will get inspiration and they may realise teenage is a transition phase which everyone goes through.
The anthology has stories categorized under the following seven sections:
  • Facing Challenges
  • Family Ties
  • Going Beyond Prejudice
  • In a Lighter Vein
  • Life is a Teacher
  • On Dreams and Passions
  • Teens Today
It is tough to make a choice of the best stories in the book. Yet, there are stories which you tend to remember for a longer time. 
Do..or Die? is a touching story – a must read for parents and teenagers alike. The story stresses on the importance of not forcing your kids to score high marks. Big City Blues talks makes an interesting read about how with parents support a teenager can break the traditional norms of the family for her better future and pave the way for numerous others. Sometimes You Just Gotta Wrestle It Out is an inspiring story of Sushil Kumar (World Champion Wrestler) who fought through the odds in his early years to emerge a strong winner later.
President of India, Tears to Cheers, A Handicap No More and A Lesson He Taught are the stories of commoners that stood out from the rest.  Celebrity stories -  The CenterStage (Amrita Rao, actress), Sushmita Sen (actress) and Finding your Passion (Neeta Lulla, Fashion Stylist, Fashion & Costume designer) tells us there teenage was like others, but they made brilliant moves or stood by their passion to step ahead to be find their passion or career.
Probably, because I am a Chicken Soup for the Soul series fan and since I’ve read several of the series (Indian and foreign version), I couldn’t find flaws to point out.
As far as I am concerned, Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Teens Talk Growing Up charts my reading list and I hope, it would be so for you as well! It’s worth your time and money.

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