December 15, 2009

Ghostwriting - Magazine features, Interviews, Ebooks, Books

Looking for a ghostwriter? Do you want to write and sell your story to publications - newspapers, websites or magazines? Do you have an amazing true story to tell? Are you an expert in any field looking to see your name in print?

I can help you convert your stories or ideas to articles, features, interviews and write it to suit your target publication. Also, I can help you to write an ebook or book.

Why Me?

I have experienced writing for magazines, newspapers, ezines, websites, portals, coffee-table books, books and anthologies. I am currently working on two ebooks - cookbook and a travelogue. I write about travel, technology, lifestyle, food, business, trade, how-to's, author and celebrity interviews, human-interest stories. I have worked with 70 editors in the past 7 years while working for 66 publications.

So, if you dream of seeing your name in print, contact me at for further discussion on my ghostwriting services.

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