August 6, 2009

Why choose me as your consultant, to begin your home business or freelance writing career?

I work from home and have known the ups and downs of home business and have offered suggestions to several friends and acquaintances. I have 6.5 years of experience, working from home as a freelance writer. My articles and features have appeared in 62 print and online publications in Indian and foreign publications. I also prepare content for coporates.

I learnt freelance writing without support from anyone in the industry. The best part of freelance writing, even if you work only for a week or so, in a month, you can still earn a decent income. I have learnt the tips and tricks of the industry and also have a successful marketing strategy to get freelance writing assignments.

I spent huge resources (especially money) to learn the secrets of freelance writing. And I am willing to share these tips, to help you start your freelance writing or home business, but for a fee!

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