August 6, 2009

Launching telephonic & online consultation for beginners in home business & freelance writing

I often receive enquiries from people working in various fields, asking for inputs on home business and freelance writing. I have been giving free services until now.

Starting today, I am venturing to give telephonic / online consultation for aspiring and beginners in home business, freelance writing and online marketing for home businesses. I am based in Kochi (Kerala), India.

Consultation fee varies from $10 - $200. (Indians can pay me via check in Indian Rupees.)

For more details, read on..

A brief outline on the topics for which I provide consultancy:

Looking for suggestions and advices on if work-from-home (home business) will work for you? What are the aspects you should consider before you resign from your full time job or start a home business? The different types of home business you can undertake (only outline) and how to promote your home business are other topics I’ll cover for this section.

Consultation Fee: $100 for (tele-conversation - 90 minutes) or via email

Writing Query Letters:
Would you like to learn how to win $$ & $$$ freelance writing assignments? What are the key elements of a query letter? Different types of query letters with examples.

Consultation Fee: $100 for (tele-conversation - 90 minutes) or via email

Freelance Writing in India (Primarily intended for Indians):
What are the skills or qualifications are required to become a freelance writer? How do you get started? Tips and tricks while approaching an Indian editor or publication. Where do you find and generate ideas? What kind of freelance writing opportunities exists in India? Freelance rates in India.

Consultation Fee: $150 for (tele-conversation - 120 minutes) or via email

Online Marketing for Home Business:
The most essential tool in today's marketing environment. Internet is the best tool to find business. How to market your home business online and reap rewards? Low-cost solutions available – spare two to three hours a week and still you can generate good income. Tips and tricks and information tools (applications and links) you can use to promote your home business.

Consultation Fee: $200 for (tele-conversation - 90 minutes) or via email

Consultation for one or two queries:
In addition to the above-mentioned consultations, I also offer one-to-one solutions for your specific query.

Consultation Fee: $10 - $50, depending on your query.

Contact Information:
If you have questions or would like to make use of my service, contact me via email for further discussion at You can pay me for my services via paypal or check.


Jennifer said...

Hi! Wow this is great! What a nice idea.
Have you also considered giving tele-classes? If there are international bridge line, then more people could join in a class format, and the price per each person could drop, making that part a little more attractive. Then if someone in the class wants more attention, they can do a 1:1 meeting with you!

Earlier this year I took a life coaching class via phone and it was powerful!

Resmi Jaimon said...

Thank you Jennifer. Glad to hear you benefitted from tele-coaching class. I'll consider your suggestion. But, as of now, my schedule may not let me have "class" kind of programmes.