April 3, 2007

Interview with Mejo Joseph, Music Director, "Notebook"

The first time I saw him , I took myself to believe Mejo Joseph to be a teenager! He is past his teen, in mid-20's but his work as a music director for a teenage film is worth appreciation. I interviewed him for 1.5 hours and excerpts from the interview can be read in both Metro Plus's Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram edition.

1. Mejo loves to make music (Kochi, March 26, 2007)http://www.hindu.com/mp/2007/03/26/stories/2007032600960100.htm

2. Mejo's notes (Thiruvananthapuram, March 31, 2007) http://www.hindu.com/mp/2007/03/31/stories/2007033101010400.htm

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