Ghostwriting Books

Experience of a lifetime, if you could hold a book or an ebook, you can claim to the world as your own. I can help you convert your dream into a reality, by using your idea in the form of a book or an ebook or even article.

You may be trying to hire a ghostwriter because you are a busy person - CEO, Director, celebrity, IT professional, psychologist, chef, nutritionist or an ordinary person busy with daily-job. Or you may be someone with difficulty in converting your thoughts to words.

In any case, as a ghostwriter, I can help you write your book.

You can get those words - in book or ebook form published in your name. You get the entire credits - all that I ask you is my writing fee. 

In other words, if you are trying to hire a ghost writer to write a book for you, I am available to offer my service as a book ghostwriter.

I can help you write a travelogue, self-help books and other non-fiction books. The topics I can handle include travel how-tos, career, hobbies, home business, health, beauty, wedding, marriage, relationships, technology and others.

I can quote an accurate fee, depending on the topic and research required. Charges for writing a book or an ebook may vary widely. Isn't it better to share with me your requirements, we can discuss rates and then decide on whether is affordable for you and feasible for me to move ahead?

I'll offer 10%-15% discount (depending on the total amount) from time-to-time. Watch out this space for special offers.And I will also offer discount to those who agree to mention my name in your book. But, if you are looking for entire credits, the charges will continue to be on the higher side.

And if you are looking for a co-author to write a book or ebook, rates will  again be different - something, we can agree upon discussion. For average rates, please check the 'Rates' page.