September 18, 2012

Update: May-September 2012

The past several weeks has kept me busy. In July 2012, my daughter crossed her major milestone - the one-year mark. Till she was around tenth months old, it was easy to work. Now, she believes she can work - interview people and write features!
My writing slowed down for nearly two months, around April-May. I worked only for selected publications. I faced more of disappointments during the May-June period. A privately circulated magazine from a leading corporate group in India, took me for a ride and didn't pay me for the in-depth research based story I wrote on a short deadline. It took several weeks to get the editor to respond. Since I asked for a kill-fee, she has refused to respond again. Similar things happened with a couple of other magazines as well. 
Beginning July, I am writing for two new publications and also for three other publications, I have been working earlier as well.
I  wrote 4000+ words for my non-fiction book, I'm almost through the chapter titles, half-way through the chapter's slow, but happening. The book proposal is in progress. Earlier, I dreamt to write, and I did write around 500 words, but not more. Now, it is tough to find time between motherhood and household chores, apart from writing assignments etc; yet I am finding time to write what I feel close to my heart. I also wrote another 4000+ words for three different titles. Let us hope those projects too will see the light of the day, sometime in future.
It's time to get back to work. See you, friends, very soon.  

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