December 3, 2010

After a break..

I had an unexpected break - especially from posting on my blogs and using my social networking accounts from the last week of October till November end. Towards the end of October, I received a call from my ISP informing, I had 4.5 GB of data transfer for the month of October and I was to pay them above Rs.3,000. I couldn't believe - because I hadn't downloaded so much of data. Since past few months I was paying extra amount. However, I was careful as always and limited to maximum 1 GB of extra usage. The technical team arrived in my place but they couldn't fault with my computer too. I formatted the entire hard disk, and again, I could see the problem - there was extra download happening. The technical team was able to identify from the location from where even 25 MB of files were downloaded in 5 minutes, when I left the PC unused. And at times, 167 MB of files were downloaded in 60-90 minutes. Interestingly, it was from a popular mobile service provider's original website!

After another 2-3 days, the technical team visited again and surprisingly, the download stopped on its own.  Later, the head of the technical team confessed their server had such issue few years earlier, but this time, they couldn't spot if it was a problem with my computer or their's. So, finally, after a long discussion, they offered to give me a 50% discount on the bill. Also, I decided to change my scheme and from now, I hope to spent more time blogging too. I may also decide to open new niche blogs.

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