October 6, 2010

Set to be an author & Inviting book ghostwriting gigs

I have never been so serious before - planning my career. I have always wanted to write my own book, but for multiple reasons, it never took off. Finally, I am making my first move to be an author. I have started working on my autobiography (inspirational). And this week, I will create the final outline for a self-help book, research and write the sample chapters and send it to an Indian publisher.

Meanwhile, I am inviting people from all walks of life, including CEOs, celebrities, IT personnel, chefs, or ordinary people with a story to tell, to contact me to ghost write your story. You can either take the entire credits and I will maintain confidentiality or we can work as co-authors. I am comfortable with topics such as self-help, health, parenting, hobbies, wedding, marriage, business, technology, Internet marketing, traveling, real estate and interiors, food and cuisine, and others (except politics). I can handle both autobiography and non-fiction. I also like to handle inspirational series like Chicken Soup for the Soul. I have contributed stories for multiple Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series, coffee-table books, books, writing anthologies and so on.

If you are serious about your projects and dream of having a book in your name, contact me via email. I usually respond to every mail, within 24 hours.

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