June 22, 2010

Femina :' Dreams in Print ' made it to 'one of the best' stories

My story "Dreams in Print" (http://spotlight.femina.in/full-story/dreams-in-print) is selected as one of the best stories in Femina online. Have made it to the final three in this category. (http://best.femina.in/best-of-spotlight)


jayarajmurukkumpuzha said...


Tax Planner CPA said...

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Anonymous said...

But whats your contribution in this?
U are asking only questions
Its authors who are answering them and you combine it and present, well its a cut and paste job only

Where is the creativity?

Resmi Jaimon said...

There wasn't much creativity required on my part, for the story. Nevertheless, the selection of authors and probably, the questions (that's the writer's main job in such interviews) and their answers helped the readers to know what they wanted to. For these reasons or more, they must have liked my story. I never knew about this selection or voting process till I heard about it from my editor yesterday.

It isn't always cut and paste job..sometimes, have to tune them to suit the publication, re-write some sentences etc.

I have written dozens or may be hundreds of articles that required creativity - but they were never mentioned anywhere. And some, requires intense research , for some others, it takes days and weeks to find the right person to interview - so you can't say in a word, that there's no contribution from a writer's part. And if someone doesn't compile or write, how will their stories reach the audience? If you have read Chicken soup for the soul; they are mostly collecting and compiling stories. If we don't send them good stories, how can they create such a beautiful book? However, ultimately, the editor gets the entire credit...we can't complain..he/she too has done her job well - collecting good stories and editing them.