April 4, 2010

Completed 100 blog posts....welcome paid advertisement and more..

With my announcement "Story in Chicken Soup for the Indian Woman's Soul," on March 30, this blog has crossed the 100th mark. Welcome to the 101 th blog post.

When the blog hit 100 blog posts, the total number of visitors touched 4868. (My website crossed 5000 mark sometime back)

And now http://resmi-jaimon.blogspot.com/ ranks higher in Indirank (indiblogger.in). Since March, the blog ranks 80, which is said to be one of the best ranks. :)

Paid Advertisment in blog

Starting now, I also plan to make some changes including posting paid advertisements in this blog. If you want to promote your magazine, website, portal, blog, book or others through this blog, email me at resmi.writer@gmail.com.

To know more changes, keep signing in.


Anup Kumar said...

It is awesome that you have now more than 100 posts!

I congratulate you on the 4868 visitors you got for the last post (I was one of them, thrice.), and it is great to know that your website already has more than 5000 visitors in total.

80 is among the best ranks that you can get for your website at http://resmi-jaimon.blogspot.com. I agree with your decision that this is the right time to bring in paid advertisement on this blog. I am sure that magazine, website, portal, blog, and book owners (and others) will make best use of this opportunity to get their news to a wider audience.

I will keep signing in to witness your progress. All the best!

Anup Kumar

Resmi Jaimon said...

Dear Anup,

Thank you for your comment and glad to know you were among the last few visitors. Keep visiting this blog as well as check out my other blog : http://indian-chronicle.blogspot.com.

Resmi Jaimon

Travelling Rants said...

Thats really a good mark..
keep going up

Netpiler said...

Once upon a time i used to be in Kochi. Great place to get nice pics. Congrats on crossing 100 posts

Sachi said...

amazin achievement.. nw on me to wil be a frequent visitor.. liked th way u have presented th blog!

Resmi Jaimon said...

Thanks to all.