October 1, 2009

Writing E-books

I am currently working on a couple of ebooks and am also looking to hear from those seeking ebook writers or ebook ghostwriters.


1. Travel
2. Food / Cuisine
3. India
4. Lifestyle
5. Hobbies
6. Writing
7. Business / Home Business
8. Interiors
9. Real Estate
10. Technology

You can reach me at resmi.writer@gmail.com for further discussion on writing ebook content!


Jennifer said...

Looking forward to this, great, Resmi.

How does one make an e-book?

Resmi Jaimon said...

Jennifer, by probably will be reading my latest post. For this reason, I prefer to explain to you on how to make an e-book offline. Will share all the information I have on this subject. :) You can also search Google.