August 5, 2008

Articles published in i.t magazine (EFY); Reprint available

List of articles published in i.t magazine (Electronics For You - EFY) and the available reprint rights as well as dates are mentioned under each heading.

For further discussion of any of the following articles, contact me at resmi (dot) writer (at) gmail (dot) com.

1. Online Video Entertainment Networks in India (November 2007)
With the top end of the market cutting back on televsion viewing, the best place to catch the big-spending, early adopters, could be on their laptops or PC's.

- Reprint rights (text) available

2. Smart and Adaptive Homes (February 2008)
The story takes a peek into how a smart home work, the technology behind the smart homes and how practical are they? To discuss further about this story's availablity, contact me offline.

- Reprint rights (text) available

3. Now The Police Has A Mobile Aide (May 2008)
MobMe's mobile crime and accident reporting platform (MCARP), developed especially for police departments, allows them to deal with crimes, accidents and traffic issues in a prompt and effective way. The story covers the start up's success story with details about their project.

- Reprint rights (text) available only from November 2008

4. The Digital Divide Disappears, Wirelessly! (May 2008)
Uneven terrain and remote villages all but shout out for wireless last-mile connectivity. The Akshaya project roll-out in Kerala's Malappuram district is a superb example of a successful deployment.

- Reprint rights (text) available only from November 2008

5. Shaping Their New Travel Eco-System (June 2008)
Yet another start up success story, of iXiGO offers something different from a typical online travel agency. The travel search engine assists you to find the best travel deals in airlines and hotels. And its one-to-one relationship between the supplier and customer helps in cutting down the commission costs inherent in online travel agencies.

- Reprint rights (text) available only from December 2008

6. Carinov Networks - Getting Innovative with Digital Signage Solutions (July 2008)
In an industry where timing makes all the difference to the success of an advertising message, digital signage solutions have evolved to respond with speed. Advertisers now have a medium that offers the option of changing messages at unheard of response times, while keeping control of the content.

- Reprint rights (text) available only from January 2009

7. Booking Bus Tickets, Via Your Mobile (August 2008)
Imagine being able to book bus tickets for a trip by using your cell phone! Well, redBus, a new mobile application, allows you to do just that.

- Reprint rights (text) available only from February 2009

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