June 14, 2008

Articles in Wealth (Web18)

The articles I wrote for Wealth (Web18) went online when the portal was launched during May last week. Three of the stories which appear online now are mentioned below.

I REALLY want to bash up my colleague!
EVER felt so annoyed over a work situation that you want to punch someone (most likely your boss or subordinate), in the face? Anger takes its shape in various forms at different levels. You could be just another employee resenting workplace issues and, consequently, confronting annoyance. Read more at http://wealth.moneycontrol.com/showstory.php?id=2981

BIG discount source: travel agents!
How do you plan your trip abroad? You would usually book travel tickets, hotel suites and arrange for sightseeing on your own. For busy working professionals, going through a travel agent is not a bad idea. Here's a lowdown on what a good travel agent could offer you. Here comes the D-word. Hotels give discounts on room tariff or hotel packages occasionally. To find a better deal, consider travel agents. Read the entire article at http://wealth.moneycontrol.com/showstory.php?id=892

How to make your inbox sparkle! THERE is no denying it: e-mail is part of our existence -- professional or personal. But mastering the art of organising e-mails is a useful skill today world. The article is online at http://wealth.moneycontrol.com/showstory.php?id=1582

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