July 9, 2007

Buy ebook at $8.97 & Read my chapter in How I Got the Gig (U.S)

If you would like to buy the digital copy of "Writer Profits: How I Got the Gig (Vol I)" for $8.97 (save 40% plus shipping by buying ebook!), here is the link:

(If you encounter any problem, buying the book through this link, send me a mail at resmi [dot] writer [at] gmail [dot] com.

I am also including a brief review of the book plus chatper titles and authors.

Book Review:

Writer Profits: “How I Got the Gig” is a collection of personal experiences including tips from experienced writers from several genres. If you are an aspiring writer, this book could help you learn how to earn money writing for magazines, television, writing about what you know and introducing novel ideas in your pitch and articles.
For instance, if you thought a career in writing is all about long features and interviews, read Amy Krug’s chapter on writing tips for income. Or probably, as Jenny Burr talks about how her writing course helped her to first acceptance.

The author’s shares information on how they found their writing assignments and their tips. If you want to know the little secrets writers holds close to themselves, pick up the book Writer Profits: “How I Got the Gig” and see how it would profit you.

This book also is a good reference for experienced writers, who may be specialized in one field but may be uninformed of another genre in writing or have been missing some of the little tips and secrets you will find in this book.

The book is available in hard copy as well as soft copy (with soft copy you get a 40% discount minus shipping charges!). Why wait further? Check out the book now!

Courtesy: Susan Carter (for the wordings below)

Here's what you'll find inside:
  • Networking Masterpieces by Cheryl Wright
  • Vacation Adventures Inspire Book Ideas by Shara Rendell Smock
  • Starting My Technical Writing Career by Patrick Kennedy
  • Getting the Ghostwriting Gig by Marie Pacha
  • Tips Writing for Internet Income by Amy Krug
  • Writing for Television by Michael Allen
  • Earn More in Less Time By Writing About What You Know by Resmi Jaimon
  • Writing Course Leads to First Acceptance by Jenny Burr
  • Networking for $$$ by Cynthia Lueck Sowden
  • Getting Published: From Novels to Young Adult Fiction & Children's Books by Jacqueline Seewald
  • Building a Gig Trap Through Organizational Activity by Sue Ellen Davison
  • Rhetoric in the Digital Age or the Way of Being a Good Web Content Writer by Kevin Rux
  • Magazine Writing & More by Sharon Greenaway
  • GET A Gimmick, Land a Column by Chuck Baker
  • Editors Tell You What They Want - Believe Them by Susan Carter

How I Got the Gig will inspire, teach, and jump-start your enthusiasm to seek and secure paying writing assignments and contracts.

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